New Balance Shoot With Milos Raonic

NB Shoot Group Photo

Recently we were hired to handle the local Toronto production of a New Balance TV commercial featuring Canadian tennis player Milos Raonic- currently ranked 8th in singles tennis.

The commercial consists of a series of vignettes which tell the story of Milos’ rapid raise to the top of the tennis world. It will be aired on Fox Sports in Asia.

We spent two days with Milos, his family, children, friends, coaches and met his personal designer. We also got to attend his Raonic Race for Kids fundraiser which was a very nice event  and we were glad to have been there.

Milos, his family and team were great to work with. We had a lot of fun and the shoot went really well!

Gus Yacoub

Introducing Ryan Propper

Recallers - May-9

Hey Everybody! My name is Ryan Propper and I am a newly recruited editor at Rainey Media. I recently graduated from Conestoga College after taking their Broadcast Television Course. I have learned quite a bit from my years studying at Conestoga. I gained skills in Editing, Camera Operation, Studio and Mobile Production.

I am glad to be working with Dean Rainey and Holly Mike. They are both very skilled in the art of video production both in and out of the office. The teamwork at Rainey Media is superb.

Since day one, Dean has had me hard at work editing videos for clients like Michael Hyatt while learning how to use new software such as Final Cut Pro X and Screenflow. I have done a couple of film shoots with Dean on location. Were I met Burman, Eric and Ray who are some of the best shooters I have ever met.

I have come to quickly realize that all the talent at Rainey Media is top notch and very experienced.  I hope to bring you guys great content and I can’t wait to see what the future brings.

Ryan Propper