Waterford Shadow Lake Trail Video

Over the few years, we’ve been filming around our hometown of Waterford, Ontario for a project that we’ve slowly been chipping away at. The Shadow Lake Trail area has been until recently an abandoned rail line that people in the community avoided.

However, a few years ago, a group headed by Andy Kooistra raised funds to transform the land into something beautiful. We were honored to help out and film each step of the transformation. From clean up to adding additional bridges and walkways, this abandoned piece of land has turned into the social hot spot for the town and surrounding community.

Here is a promo for The Shadow Lake Trail.

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Scotlynn Group: Careers and Culture

Last year we produced an introduction video for the transportation and agricultural group, Scotlynn. Recently, we’ve taken a step further into the world of Scotlynn to give people a closer look into the culture and lifestyle of the company and it’s employees, in this recruitment video.

We are very pleased to continue our work with Scotlynn and hope you enjoy this video.

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Gus Yacoub

Michael Hyatt Blooper Reel 2015

Every year we produce a lot of video content for best selling author and blogger, Michael Hyatt. When you spend as much time on camera as Michael does, you’re bound to make a few mistakes. Although we always focus on showing our clients’ best side, sometimes we can’t help but show the bad side every now and then…because it’s just too darn funny.

We’ve dug deep into our footage, searching for mess-ups, line flubs and funny moments of the past year. We’re proud to present to you, Michael Hyatt’s Blooper Reel 2015!

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Gus Yacoub

Michael Hyatt: Inner Circle Mastermind

Best selling author, and online marketer, Michael Hyatt, recently hosted an exclusive, Mastermind group comprised of entrepreneurs and corporate leaders, discussing ways to improve their professional and personal lives. You can learn more by clicking here.

We created a quick teaser of this event to help promote Michael’s Inner Circle and give you a taste of what takes place during a Mastermind.

We have many more projects to show you very soon, as well as more video hacks.

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Gus Yacoub

Video Hack 12 – How to HIT your MARK Every Time

When you have a precise shot that you need to film, whether it’s moving a product or talent into place, hitting the mark you need to be on can be very difficult.

In this weeks hack we have a great technique that is guaranteed to make hitting your mark much easier.

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