Launch Season

Summer is the season of growth. This is something many of our clients will attest to as they often launch major products around this time of year.  Our job is the advertising and marketing of these products, be they a course, product or service, through a series of videos.  We call these Launch Videos, and they’re what we’re becoming known for.

As you can imagine, this keeps us very busy – and stressed – since there are always a lot of moving parts, remote partners, and deadlines.

Filming Recallers 2015 on Susan Garrett's Front porch

Filming Recallers 2015 on Susan Garrett’s Front porch

We just recently completed the launch videos for two of our clients, world champion dog trainer Susan Garrett and author, blogger, and online marketer Michael Hyatt.

Susan is relaunching her online course, Recallers which is designed to help dog owners train their dogs through a series of different games. If this interests you, feel free to opt in here.

This was an epic launch with 5-7 videos of Susan’s best stories and training for your average dog & dog owner.


Filming Recallers training with Susan’s Dogs, Momentum and Swagger

Michael Hyatt is in the process of relaunching his online coaching course Get Published, designed to provide insider coaching for writers and authors to find an agent, land a book deal, and launch their own book. Check it out here

Get-Published-V3 3D

We are very excited to see these courses in action and are always looking forward to what the future has in store for us. We have a lot more new and exciting content to share with you very soon.

Stay tuned!

Gus Yacoub

A Rainey Summer

As they say, “When it rains it pours!”

Summertime is easily our busiest season of the year since everyone wants to film when the weather is nice.


So, as is becoming a trend with us, we have many projects to share on our site, but finding the time to actually post about them is difficult.

Regardless, we’d never want to leave you hanging so here’s what we’ve been up to lately:

The Power of Aerial Shots in Film Making

As a small business located in a small town (Waterford, Ontario), we believe that working with the local community is an important part of living and doing business here.  One of our ongoing community projects over the years has been documenting, through video, the evolution of the Waterford Heritage Trail.

The Waterford Heritage Trail is a hiking and biking corridor built along the ponds of Waterford.  It follows the path of an abandon railway line that used to run though our downtown core.

Recently, many of the major phases of construction were completed including docks built and pathways paved.  This was our cue to grab our gear and begin filming “the reveal” (as they say in “makeover television”).

Waterford 02We decided that the best way to show the trail as whole was to get some aerial shots, so we brought in Boundless Media to help us get the shots we needed using a drone.

Drones are still relatively new to the consumer market, only just becoming readily available a few years ago. They’ve become super popular really quick because filmmakers are now able to get angles and shots that were never possible before on a low budget.  They can film smoothly over water, fly under bridges, get low to the ground –  pretty much anything you can think of.  As the technology advances so does the the ability of the drones.  Many models give the operator the ability to control the camera separately from the actual flight of the drone, so you can have 2 people operating it instead of one. This allows for really dramatic and interesting shots. They even have one that will follow a tracking device, so if your skiing down hill or kayaking in a river, it will capture your every move where ever you go.

Waterford 01

I think the biggest down side I’ve seen as the popularity of drones has grows is that there are a lot of people who ONLY use drone footage in their videos.  Aerial footage really should add to a video, not necessarily become the foundation of one. It’s hard to tell a story or have any emotional connection to what’s going on when everyone is the size of an ant.

We’ve used drones many times to bring an additional element to the story we were already trying to tell.  For example, when you look at our Norfolk County videos, we have aerial shots paired along side closeups and medium shots to tell a story through a sequence.

As we continue to create the Waterford Trail documentary, we’ll definitely use the power of aerial shots to help show the development and total size of the trail – something we wouldn’t really be able to do without the use of a drone – but our main focus will always be on the story.

Holly Mike

Fix it in Post

Zack and Natalie are back with another episode of their Veggie+Candie Review Show.

These short review videos are an excellent example of how a video can be brought to life in post-production.  Here’s how:

When we film an episode of Zack and Natalie’s Veggie+Candie reviews, I usually just let the camera roll for the entire time that we are going through each vegetable and candy.  I don’t stop filming for fear that I’ll miss some golden nugget of funny from them.

I also try not to direct them too much.  I don’t want to be ‘bossy director dad’ who takes all the fun out of an already tedious process.  Instead, I just talk with Zack and Nat, ask them questions, and encourage them to share their thoughts on what they’re eating.  Natalie shares a lot of facial reactions.

Most of the time when we wrap filming I’m left with one long 40min+ take of which I wonder, “Is there even anything here?  Did I get anything?”

I hand that long clip over to one of my editors with only one note: Tighten it up!  (Usually to no more than 4mins.)

That’s when the editor starts working his magic.  By adding reaction shots, sound effects, little graphics or animations, and subtitles for Natalie the video really starts to come together and the funny starts to emerge.

We view the video a couple of times revising jokes and fixing gags.  Then I show an almost completed version to Zack, Nat, and Mommy.  I like to see what jokes they get or don’t get, and where they laugh.  Then we go back and revise the video one more time according to their reactions.

Sometimes you feel like you could tweak and tweak forever, but I don’t want to go all Orson Welles on my kid’s review videos so we get it 98% right and then release.  You got to release it!

In this episode, our pint-sized produce experts and candy connoisseurs check out Rutabaga, Brussels Sprouts, Alfalfa Sprouts, Cotton Candy, Triple Power Push pop, and Sunrype Fruit-To-Go.  Enjoy!

The Consultant Is In

I often receive emails from people around the globe asking for help with their videos. These inquiries mainly come from followers of our high profile clients like Michael Hyatt, Jack Canfield, and Susan Garrett.

99% of the time I’m unable to do work for these potential clients…why?

DSC_0115(Dean consulting with Supermodel Lisa S. in Hong Kong)

It’s because of the distance. After I figure in travel, hotel, rental car, and rented gear we’ve blown any budget the client might have put aside for video production. So I’m rarely ever able to help the smaller clients that are just starting out or have limited budgets.

Well, distance is no longer a barrier to getting my help on your next video project.

I’ve set up a profile over at through which you can now book me to consult on your next video project. That means that you can still have me on-board as a resource while hiring a local video crew or doing the actual video production yourself.

I can consult on each and every stage of production:

• Initial Creative Concepts

• Scriptwriting

• Shot Selection and Storyboarding

• On-screen Performance Coaching

• Guidance through Post-Production

You’ll have access to all the skills and expertise I bring to my high-end clients but at a price that’s not going to burst any budget.

I’ve produced videos for over $10million in online launches last year alone – I think we’re the industry leaders.  And now you can have the same creative mind working on your videos.

Check out my profile at

I’m happy to help!