Introducing Ryan Propper

Recallers - May-9

Hey Everybody! My name is Ryan Propper and I am a newly recruited editor at Rainey Media. I recently graduated from Conestoga College after taking their Broadcast Television Course. I have learned quite a bit from my years studying at Conestoga. I gained skills in Editing, Camera Operation, Studio and Mobile Production.

I am glad to be working with Dean Rainey and Holly Mike. They are both very skilled in the art of video production both in and out of the office. The teamwork at Rainey Media is superb.

Since day one, Dean has had me hard at work editing videos for clients like Michael Hyatt while learning how to use new software such as Final Cut Pro X and Screenflow. I have done a couple of film shoots with Dean on location. Were I met Burman, Eric and Ray who are some of the best shooters I have ever met.

I have come to quickly realize that all the talent at Rainey Media is top notch and very experienced.  I hope to bring you guys great content and I can’t wait to see what the future brings.

Ryan Propper

Things are Changing….

Hey everyone!

It’s been a pretty good chunk of time since we’ve updated the site and we have a lot we want to share with you.

For starters, we’re growing. We’ve brought in some new talent to help take Rainey Media to a new level and to allow us to take on new clients and new challenges. With that being said, we’ve decided we need to revamp the site and take it in a bit of new direction as well.

In the next month we will be COMPLETELY changing the site. New logo, new theme, new colours, the whole shebang. We will also be posting on a more regular basis on anything and everything that relates to video production. More people will be posting as well so you will be getting posts from different perspectives. So look for new posts every Tuesday and Thursday in the weeks to come. We will be posting anything from movie reviews to our own experiences in the field.

We will also be revamping our Facebook page and hopefully be utilizing YouTube more as well.

So bare with us over the next month as we start taking things in a new direction!


Holly Mike



Everyone is “Happy” at the Port Dover Public Library

It’s been quite a while since anything was posted on this site. Things were pretty crazy during the month of April. Not only have we continued to work along side Susan Garrett and Michael Hyatt, but Dean was gone to Thailand for the whole month!

Now it’s May and with a new month comes new projects.


Our most recent endeavor was helping out the Port Dover Public Library create a Thank You video for those who donated money towards helping them build a bigger and better library. The idea was to re-create the music video for Happy by Pharrell Williams but in a Port Dover/Norfolk County style.  We had to break down the lyrics and try to match the scenes from the music video using a variety of locations within the library and in Port Dover. We had to be creative to in order to film shots that were visually interesting yet showed community spirit and would piece together nicely.


We even utilized our wheel chair dolly to re create the shots when Pharrell is walking towards camera. I think the end result will be something the community will really enjoy.

Special thanks to those who came out to help that day, especially Brett and Ben!

Dover-Library-5 Dover-Library-17Dover-Library-20

Holly Mike

The Photolife Project – Update

During the summer of 2013 Rainey Media teamed up with the Waterford Heritage and Agricultural Museum to work on a pretty ambitious project; we were going to bring the past to life. The premise of the project was to take photos from Waterfords past and write historically accurate scripts based on them.  

ArenaDualMonitorAfter a lot of pre-production, ingenuity, teamwork and maybe even a lack a sleep we couldn’t have asked for a better result.  It was a great project for the Rainey Media team to work on, we were really able to flex our creative muscle and pull out all the stops.  The support from the community and the hard work that everyone put forth was overwhelming and now we finally get to share the end result with you.

Below you will find the 3 films that were created. The films were directed by Dean Rainey and produced by Melissa Collver. Please take notice of the impressive local talent!


Written by: Jan Rainey

Written by: Monty Wiegand

Written by: Melissa Collver

Please feel free to share the films!


Holly Mike