April Shoots Bring May Edits

For those of you keeping score, here’s a brief update on our month of April so far:

We started the month filming with Susan Garrett from Say Yes Dog Training.

Susan’s dog, Feature, recently gave birth to 7 adorable puppies.  From this litter, Susan will select one puppy to keep and raise herself.  In an interesting training twist, this new pup will be the star of Susan’s subscription based online training program, Puppy Peaks.

Subscribers to Puppy Peaks will follow Susan and her new puppy as she teaches and trains him.  It’s an inside, personal look at how a world champion dog handler raises a pup.

They say working with dogs is hard. Well, working with puppies is crazy – cute!

Susan Garrett-18

Immediately following our shoot with Susan, Dean flew to Beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia to work with new client, Justin Livingston.  Dean and Che-wai filmed three launch videos for Justin’s new marketing series on how to make The Leap to becoming a successful, transformational business leader.

Justin and his team were a blast to work with and there were lots of laughs over the three days together.


Man, Vancouver is a beautiful to film…when it’s not raining.  Honestly, it’s a wonder a film industry even exists there given all the dark and rainy days that occur regularly.  Still beautiful scenery though.


April is also the time of year when Michael Hyatt relaunches Platform University, his membership site on platform-building and growing your reach.  It’s always exciting when enrollment opens!


Lastly, we’ve been hard at work on a super secret project.  I can’t say very much about it now, so I’ll just leave you with this.



Working with Talent: or Veggies, Candies, & Cuties

Sometimes when you’re producing a video you have to be mindful of your on-screen talent’s energy levels.  As the director, it’s your job to help throttle the talent’s energy: do they need to deliver their lines with less energy or more?  Do we take a break to let the talent re-energize?  Or do we help the talent dig deep down inside themselves to find the energy to plow through to the end.

Recently, I was reminded of a valuable tip…

That tip was that NOBODY does well on-camera when you start filming at 4pm in the afternoon – especially my kids.  That afternoon lull can hit the best of them and the results can be a less-than-stellar on-screen performance.

But, as an experienced director, I knew that I had to commit to my decision and help my talents plow through the scene.  And they did it…with the help of a little candy.

New Work: Michael Hyatt About Me Video

Here’s a sample of some of our latest work for New York Times Bestselling Author, Michael Hyatt:

Michael recently refresh his blog, www.MichaelHyatt.com, and requested a brand new About Me video, one that reflected his new branding.  This video is a powerful snapshot of Michael’s background, businesses, work and personal values, and what his website has to offer.

What I love about this video is that it showcases the power of b-roll.  Almost every shot in this video was taken on location with Michael at work, with his family, traveling, speaking, etc.  Only the call-to-action features Michael talking directly to camera.  This gives the viewer a chance to see Michael in action, and proof that he’s actually doing the things he’s talking about!


March Madness

Wow, what a month it’s been.  It’s been so busy that we have many things to post about but little time post them.

Here are the highlights.


March started with us hitting the road to film first in Nashville with best-selling author Crystal Paine, and then onto Denver to film author/speaker Michele Cushatt. She spoke about her latest book, “Undone”.

Next, we saw the release of the first few episodes of video podcast version of Live from the Dutch Hall with Pete Van Dyk.  The pilot episode was epic with an all-star cast and an almost two hour run time.  We were able to reel things in a bit for the second episode in which I’m the guest.  You can see it here:

We’re having a great time helping this show grow and mature…well, not really mature.

In the meantime, we continue our documentary on the restoration of the Backus Mill, prepare for a shoot in Toronto for Dr. Ruth Buczynski, finish off post-production on a brand new About Me video for Michael Hyatt, and hit the road again for a shoot in sunny San Diego.

Can wait to showcase our next finished projects!

Stay tuned.



Live from the Dutch Hall: Filming a Podcast

As March approaches, new and interesting projects are in the works.

We started working with Pete Van Dyk to bring a video element to his podcast Live from the Dutch Hall.  It’s a podcast that’s definitely worth a listen as it touches on everything from the Quitting Your Job to the Female Orgasm and it’s all embedded with a rural Southern Ontario feel.  If you’re looking for a good laugh and some interesting insight, this is the podcast for you.


The topic of the pilot video episode was called The Wheel of Filth and the discussion was based around the change in Ontario’s sex-ed curriculum.  Pete’s challenge to himself and his guests was to make the cleanest “dirty” show he could.  We think he nailed it.

As for the video production, it was a challenging shoot because we needed to get coverage of 8 people within the limited space of Pete’s garage (The Dutch Hall).  To accomplish this we used 5 cameras and 2 GoPros plus three 1K LED lights.  We had to get creative with fitting all the camera gear, lights, and crew inside while still having room for Pete, his guests, and the infamous Wheel of Filth.

The video is currently in the works and will be available soon!

And to contrast Pete’s show, we’ve been working with 2 talented young upcoming veggie reviewers named Zack and Natalie (Dean’s kids).  There were extremely excited to hit the big screens of YouTube and let the world know their opinions on selected vegetables (and candy!).  Episode #2: The Pickle Saga, is in the works, but in the mean time you can check out Episode #1: The Grape Disguise – Oh and don’t forget to subscribe, you’ll be super happy you did!